How We Work

1. FREE Database Analysis

We perform a free analysis of your current database to determine its depth, breadth, and quality and provide you with a detailed report of the results. This is confidential backed by a nondisclosure agreement.

2. Data Recommendations

We provide a detailed live data webinar to present our database analysis, present our recommendations based on that analysis, discuss your data and fundraising needs, then prepare a thorough proposal for your review.

3. Data Hygiene

We clean, validate, standardize, and correct your data. This process ensures your existing database meets industry standards for key contact fields like address, phone numbers, and emails. Our hygiene process will also fill in any gaps in your data.

4. Data Screening

We perform a philanthropic, wealth, and political screening of all your donor records with deep-dive detailed donor profiles. We add data appends to fill holes in your data (phones, emails, addresses, social media, and consumer data, bio sketches, relationships and affiliations, and more).

5. New Donor Prospects

We add our donor prospect records with deep-dive detailed donor profiles on each in your database and in ours.

6. Online Data Portal

We provide an online portal for your staff to access all the detail on each donor prospect record and to do additional donor research and targeting.

7. Integration

We handle the data upload and integration into your CRM. If you don’t yet have a CRM, we can provide an assessment of your data and help you find the best CRM to meet your organization’s needs. Either way, we’re here to help.

8. Emergent Services

We provide ongoing advisory and coaching services to identify the best donor prospects for each of your fundraising departments and solicitation methods. This includes rapid response to natural and man-made crisis and political and legislative opportunities.

9. Support & Training

We always want to make sure our clients understand how to use our powerful data tools. Have a question at 5:01 PM? We’re here to help. Call, email, text… we’re available.