Sustainable Impact maintains the largest, most comprehensive, current, accurate, detail-rich, immediately actionable political and charitable donor prospect database in the nation. The database contains 90+ million political records and 100MM+ million charitable records.

The marriage of Sustainable Impact’s political and charitable donor prospect records creates a unique and powerful data resource for all political candidates and political and charitable organizations. This one-of-a-kind database enables our clients to target and message to current and prospective donors in a manner not previously possible.

The principals of Sustainable Impact have handled fundraising for dozens of nonprofit and political organizations and campaigns at every level. We understand and act on fundraising data in very different ways than traditional political and philanthropic data and consulting firms. We understand long-term fundraising campaigns, but we also understand how to respond to emerging issues with a sense of urgency and responsiveness traditional firms are not built to do.

Sustainable Impact data enables our clients to identify and segment donor prospects with maximum granularity. This granularity goes beyond broad scoring and predictive modeling. It will enable you to segment donor prospects by their political and charitable interests and motivations, thus creating highly targeted Affinity Groups of donors who can then be assigned to the appropriate fundraising staff and match them, based on their affinity, to your organization’s initiatives. Sustainable Impact achieves this granularity through donor prospect tagging using our proprietary political and charitable Organization Coding System (SI-OCS). This is a SIC-type code nomenclature system for political and charitable campaigns and organizations. This coding is our “secret sauce,” a Pandora® style approach to data. No other firm has such a coding nomenclature protocol or approach to donor prospect data.

Sustainable Impact data eliminates manual donor research that takes endless hours of staff and volunteer time often returning less than desirable results. We deliver a complete database in a matter of days, rather than the weeks and months required by manual research. Most importantly, Sustainable Impact data provides accurate donor prospect data in which your organization can have absolute confidence. Sustainable Impact also provides an online donor research portal that will exponentially expedite any donor research you may desire.