• “This is the future of fundraising.”

  • “…the Pandora® of Fundraising.”

  • CARE

    “Sustainable Impact gives me the tools to prospect the right donors and lets me communicate with my existing donors about what they are passionate about. No one else is doing what Sustainable Impact is doing. This is the future of fundraising.”
    –Fletcher Sams, Senior Director

  • “Sustainable Impact has proven to be a key partner in our fundraising efforts. They have provided the intelligence that allowed us to segment donors based on CARE’s major program initiatives, which has enabled us to better message to them based on their unique affinities. Their data mining and donor hyper-targeting tools and skills have enabled us to achieve an increase in performance of our mid-level mail program. Sustainable Impact has been a pleasure to work with, always working with creativity, flexibility, and responsiveness all at a reasonable cost. I’m looking forward to continuing
    our partnership with them.”
    –Trish Rooks, CARE USA Senior Director, Donor Engagement & Prospect Management

  • TCC
    “Sustainable Impact is a data wizard!
    They not only deliver the vital data
    but they hold your hand and show you
    exactly what to do with it!”
    –Phil Smith, National Development Director
    The Concord Coalition

  • Focus Matters
    “Sustainable Impact has provided my clients with smart targeting numerous times. Randy and Justin saved them time and money with their services while also providing great data and targets that helped raise significant funds. They are easy to deal with, responsive, and ensure their clients get more than what they pay for. In today’s world, if you are looking for the newest and best “edge” in the campaign world, Sustainable Impact is it!”
    –Michael Hayden, Partner
    Focus Matters Consulting

  • Taddeo

    “Randy and Justin have been an amazing donor research resource, providing us thousands of prospects with deep-dive detail on each. The volume and quality of their data has improved our call time results and freed donor research staff time to be allocated to other tasks. Most importantly, they were able to solve a specific data-sourcing problem – one that is unique to our candidate that we believe will be critical to our victory. Sustainable Impact may be the Pandora® of fundraising!”
    –Shaun Daniels
    Campaign Manager

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    “Sustainable Impact has done a great job providing us with donor research and data services to support our fundraising efforts. Their detailed data was instrumental in helping us double the revenues of our annual Unity Banquet and is the foundation of the sustainable fundraising program we are implementing.”
    –Elizabeth Redenbaugh, Chair

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